Assassin’s Kittens: Unity Is The Trailer The Game Needed All Along

We’re not huge fans of some of the recent Assassin’s Creed: Unity trailers. Fortunately, Youtube user Mr.TVCow has managed to scrub all those bad images from my mind by overloading my vision with cuteness in his new video: Assassin’s Kittens: Unity. I would say I’m surprised that someone made an homage to Assassin’s Creed: Unity using all of his neighborhood cats, but honestly this being the internet and all… I’m more so surprised that this didn’t happen sooner.

The video shows the cats chasing down some poor soldier with their superior parkour skills. The craziest things about this (beyond how long it must’ve taken to get some of these shots) is that it isn’t even his first cat based video game short (his ‘Super Mario Cat’ had previously gone viral). This guy seems to blend cute cats and video game references, which I think makes him the new king of Youtube or something.

Check out the video below and… all hail the king? Why not.