Ilya Zarembsky Is The Genius Indie Developer Gamers Need, Not The One They Deserve

Between Indiegogo and Kickstarter, you’ll find hundreds of games made by (mostly) earnest, hard-working independent developers trying to make ends meet while creating a game they’re passionate about. Occasionally, you’ll have a project get funded and not pan out, or games that are lackluster and fail to get funded altogether. Sometimes, though, just sometimes, you come across something clearly and unbelievably genius.

This is what Ilya Zarembsky and his game collection, The Splits, are. Well educated — boasting both a BA from Yale and an MFA in Game Design from NYU — Ilya is hilarious, eccentric and unapologetic. He holds a self-awarded prize for Best Action Game Designer and has won Best Game Design at NYU’s Game Center GGJ two years in a row.

His thesis project, The Splits, is a series of maso-core games with obscure mechanics, unfair score systems and counter-intuitive controls. The Kickstarter is in its final days and it’d be a shame to see this project not get funded. The video accompanying it is a perfect microcosm of Ilya’s personality and the entire campaign is a glimpse into the brilliant mind of indie gaming’s cerebral creme de la creme. 

$1 nets you a copy of the collection, $100 gets you the same collection with ULTRA VIP Deluxe Limited Edition in fancy gold lettering on the title screen, and for a measly $1000 you will receive a vial of tears from Ilya himself, shed over a game-related topic of your choice.

Some of this information was taken from Ilya’s presskit. Now go give him some money.