TinyKeep Drops Monday, Here’s What You Need To Know

From the mind of Phi Dinh and his studio Phigames comes the adorable and challenging TinyKeep. Cutesy name and Kingdoms of Amalur-esque graphics aside (with the adorable factor ramped up courtesy of disproportionately large heads on humanoid characters), TinyKeep is actually a tough-as-nails action-RPG.

Players embody a prisoner in the late 5th century who is freed from his or her shackles and must fight past guards, skeletons and all manner of monsters to get free. The procedurally-generated environments are pleasant to look at and equally rife with hazards and traps to evade.

Moreover, the game features the most unforgiving of mechanics: permadeath! You can’t be too careful with your big-headed jailbird if you expect to come out alive, so be sure to use every weapon, buff and favor from the RNG gods to your advantage.

Players can brave TinyKeep for $14.99 on Steam now, and the game will be $9.99 during its initial launch period. Stay tuned for Hardcore Gamer’s review, and keep an eye on our Twitch for the occasional TinyKeep livestream.