36 Hour Offer: Spend $1 on Binding of Isaac Collection, Get $5 off Rebirth

Steam’s Deal of the Day generally isn’t news, what with it being daily and all, but every once in a while comes along one that’ worth noting. Today’s Daily Deal is Binding of Isaac, and while the original is only $0.74, it’s the combo package that’s worth your money. For $0.99 you can get Binding of Isaac and its expansion, Blood of the Lamb, all in one handy download. There’s an extra perk to this, as well.

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth is coming out for $15 on November 2, up for pre-order for the last few weeks, but owners of the original game and its expansion get a nice 33% discount through the day of release. What this means to you is that, if you passed on the original in anticipation of the upgrade (and its proper full controller support), it might be worth taking a second look. That $0.99 expenditure today qualifies you for the $5 savings on the pre-order. The sale is only good until noon on 9/30, however, so head on over and get while the getting’s good.