Destiny DLC Appears On Game Disc, Bungie Withheld Content

The most prominent Destiny complaint among player’s is that the game is empty; devoid of content and repetitive. While that’s not entirely true (there’s plenty to do if you’re the friends-having type), Bungie’s sci-fi shooter certainly isn’t the game-changer promised through countless promotions and an ad campaign that could put a chip in the world hunger statistics.

Earlier today, it was revealed by way of a glitch that Bungie had withheld content from the core-Destiny experience. Traces of the content, which includes everything from story missions to additional raids, were found on the game disc.

The withheld content is as follows:

  • First pack: 4-5 story missions, 3 crucible maps, a raid (taking place on the Moon) and 2 strikes.
  • Second pack: 4-5 story missions, a raid (taking place in the Reef), and 2 strikes.

This is a fairly common practice; Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed, and [insert any Ubisoft game] have all been in the hot-seat. However, the widespread criticisms regarding Destiny’s lackluster content load and Bungie’s subsequent assurances prove a dark pattern of publisher/developer praxis in the game industry.

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