Does Shadow of Mordor Run at 720p/30fps on Xbox One?

In case you haven’t already heard, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is a fantastic game. It takes all of the best Lord of the Rings lore, adds some new stuff of its own, and builds a dynamic action game around it. If there’s one thing proven it’s that the game looks fantastic on PS4. Running at 1080p at an unlocked 60fps, the entire experience is smooth as butter and looks exactly like what a current-gen game should look like at this point.

One thing that’s been concerning is the fact that Warner Bros. and Monolith have been a mum on the Xbox One version. There’s been no confirmed reports about its performance and whenever the game is demoed, it’s been demoed on PS4. More still, no (or very few) Xbox One review copies were supplied to publications.

Now that the game’s release is only two days away, some have been able to get their hands on Xbox One copies of the game. Streams have been infrequently occurring in the past 24 hours and what we’ve been hearing from them isn’t good. There’s been multiple reports that the game runs at either 720p or 900p at a locked 30fps. We’re seeing reports of 900p (or sub-900p) more often than 720p, but there hasn’t yet been anybody reporting it runs higher than 900. More still, the consensus is that it doesn’t cross the 30fps line.

Of course until we can do a proper analysis of the game, this should all be taken with a grain of salt, but the fact that these reports are coming from Xbox One-centric streamers means they’re worth keeping an eye on.