No Pineapple Left Behind Enters its Kickstarter Semester

Teaching kids is serious business, and in the de-unionized private sector world of No Pineapple Left Behind it’s also a highly profitable one.  All the kids have been turned into pineapples and, while normally this might be a tragedy, there’s a dark silver lining that comes with the transformation.  Pineapples are easy, if unremarkable, and easily processed, while kids take far more attention and care.  All of a sudden the business of teaching has gone from one requiring careful attention to endless dozens of individual small humans to an assembly line churning out a bland product in high volume.  There’s money to be made here, and as school principal you get to manage the lesson plans, hire and fire teachers, engage in creative accounting when necessary, and turn this school into profit-generating machine of institutionalized efficiency.  Or you could wake the kids out of their pineapple state and try to teach them as best you can.  Kids are complicated, but they can be a lot smarter than pineapples when properly attended to.

If this sounds familiar it’s because we’ve covered this before, but now No Pineapple Left Behind is on Kickstarter looking for the necessary help to bring it’s semi-satirical look at modern education to the gaming world.  There’s a little more information than before over at the Kickstarter campaign page, including new details on how to cheat the system, the benefits of letting the pineapples turn back into children, music design, and more.  Even if you ignore the social commentary, No Pineapple Left Behind is looking like a fun (if bizarre) management sim, where you not only set the schedules and reap the rewards but also cast teaching spells on pineapples.  Apparently it takes something more than the standard lecture to wrest a good standardized test score from tropical fruit.  Who knew?