Soon You Can Own a Life-Sized Pikachu

Unfortunately, Pokémon aren’t real. In fact that sentence just made the entire notion of our headline false as one can not be life-sized if one doesn’t exist in life. But as Pikachu unfortunately isn’t a real thing and we can’t spend our life traveling from town to town making friends and catching Pokémon, perhaps this is the next best thing.

Japanese clothing company BEAMS has produced a 1:1 scale Pikachu plush that can now be ordered. Now we know what you’re thinking: Pikachu isn’t that fat. He may not be now, but there was one point in his existence that the electric rat was quite chubby, and BEAMS have modeled the plush after that time in his life.

The plush 17,000 yen (just north of $150) + tax and shipping Pikachu weighs a shocking thirteen pounds and comes in at 15.7″ tall. He even comes in a canvas bag so he can be carried around in style.

Check out pictures below: