Cosmochoria Lands Its Naked Butt on Early Access

It’s only been a few months since Cosmochoria completed a successful Kickstarter, almost tripling its initial goal, but one of the advantages of being deep into development when running the campaign is a quick turnaround on delivery.  I got hands-on time with an early version back in February, and while a lot has been updated since then the art style was already locked down and core mechanics in place.  Running around planets planting seeds while fending off flying saucers that dropped alien blobs and walking tentacles, bringing a cold, dead world back to warm life before jet-packing off to do it again, was already good fun even before months of polish were applied.  While still far from complete it’s time to let the world get a look at Cosmochoria, so now it’s available on Early Access for all to see.

There have been a huge number of updates and changes since the last time I looked, ranging from the pretty (blue skies and clouds on awakened planets) to practical (the pre-game shop where you can spend crystals has far more stat upgrades, weapons, and tools available).  Gameplay flow has also received an update, with a very brief story scene at each game’s beginning and a small fetch-quest to let you know there’s a little more plot to Cosmochoria than the arcade action might suggest.

Upcoming additions will include pets, game balancing (I haven’t beaten the third boss, an ice dragon, even once yet in the current build), and more story and secrets.  Cosmochoria has come a long way since its initial Greenlight reveal, and while there’s more to be done for it to become everything it wants to be the Early Access build is every bit the charming, strange, and fun shooter it started as.  You get to play as a naked little space guy in a bubble helmet shooting down flying saucers, after all, and who can resist an opportunity like that?