Housemarque’s ‘Outland’ Finally Available on Steam

If you were a fan of the digital game scene on PS3 and Xbox 360, then the name Outland might seem familiar to you. This is because the visually distinctive platformer initially hit both PSN and XBLA in 2011. PC gamers were left out entirely — until today.

So why should players invest time in a 3 year old title? Well, Outland was developed by Housemarque (Resogun, Alienation). Players are invited to explore gorgeous 2D landscapes, solve puzzles and fight enemies. As players advance through levels they gain access to new and powerful abilities. This invites one to replay previous stages.

Outland normally goes for $9.99, but for its first week on Steam there’s a 15% discount. As such, you can instead nab the game for a tad cheaper at $8.49.