The Mortal Kombat X Character Clue Everyone Missed

Despite Mortal Kombat X being almost seven months away, series creator Ed Boon is hell-bent on stirring up speculation the entire way. He made two tweets on Sept. 25 that have his followers going bonkers. But the biggest tease of them all, hidden behind a wave of Ed Boon smokescreens, was subsequently missed by everyone.

Many are even suggesting that Ed Boon quoting Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody is a hint at the only queen in the Mortal Kombat universe – Queen Sindel, the infamous MK 9 murderer. His Jade tease was a lot less subtle, but the point is that bigger clues were not-so-carefully hidden on screenshots of the character selection screen that we’ve already seen.


If you notice, the character silhouettes look an awful lot like real silhouettes, with noticeable detail that could give clues as to who’s behind those shadows. For instance, the only character in Mortal Kombat to wear a hat like the one under Kotal Kahn is Freddy Krueger. Another clue, the character in the bottom left is bald, a feature of only a few characters in the universe, perhaps Jax or Baraka.

Everyone was grabbing at straws of Ed Boon tweets, while the real clues were right under our noses. Well played, Mr. Boon.