Falling Skies: The Game Now Available, Launch Trailer Released

TV shows rarely get video game adaptions (with perhaps the exception of Cory in the House), so it’s a bit surprising that Little Orbit has given the treatment to Falling Skies. With its gunplay and alien elements, however, a video game seems like a natural extension of the brand. Players can find out today if that’s so as Falling Skies: The Video Game has launched on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U (eShop) and Steam.  Priced at $39.99, Falling Skies is a turn-based, tactical strategy RPG set between the events of the TV show’s third and fourth seasons.

Check out the features and launch trailer below:

– Squad-based tactical combat with a non-linear campaign – take different approaches to achieve mission objectives.
– Action-packed, new storyline that introduces Falling Skies to new fans and integrates the favorite characters of existing fans.
– Map randomization and dynamic AI give players a fresh challenge to conquer in every mission!
– Rescue and recruit from human survivors you encounter, then level up and customize your squad members’ skills, weapons and equipment.