Gamestop Announces PowerUp Rewards Credit Card

It’s rare now-a-days to go to a store and not be accosted relentlessly to apply for a credit card, and joining that fabulous fray is Gamestop.

Gamestop has announced a PowerUp Rewards credit card so that now you accrue credit or crippling debt for your unnecessary collector’s edition of whatever game your heart desires.

With the card you’ll get the following benefits:

  • 15,000 bonus points PowerUp Rewards Pro Members and 5,000 bonus points for Basic Members
  • Use your card to shop in store or online
  • A “Day 1” version of the card… (limited quantities)
  • Choose to pay in full or make monthly payments
  • Exclusive cardholder offers
  • No annual fee

It’s important to note that the bonus points are only valid for those who are already active members in the PowerUp Rewards program, and it’s unclear as to whether you need to actually use the card to obtain said points. So technically you may be able to apply and get 15,000 free points without ever having to use the card.