Ghost Song Unmasked: Metroid Meets Dark Souls

Fans of Metroidvania (or Castleroid, if you’re weird) may be hurting for a lack of authentic-feeling games in the genre. Ache no more: Ghost Song wears its Metroid influences proudly and blends them with modern aesthetics and mechanics, ultra-tough gameplay and all-around incredible production quality. The game was 306% funded on Kickstarter and already Greenlit by the Steam community.

In the game, you take control of a mute character (wearing a Power Suit?) exploring alien and treacherous caves, encountering brutal enemies and some strange individuals. Visually, the game is a blend of high-quality SNES graphics and modern shmup effects, with dark and detailed environments, arcing electricity and colorful blurs to accompany jarring and quick movements. The game also seems extremely promising on the story front, aiming to make exploration as rewarding as it is pretty.

The video below showcases 9 minutes and change of early-version gameplay. Pre-order it here.