Three New Awesome Heroes Added To Strife’s Roster

If you haven’t been exposed to Strife, S2Games’ most recent MOBA, you’re missing out. With a focus on mechanics that increase entertainment and reduce intra-team fighting, a fresh visual style and the type of quality you’d expect from a team whose combined industry experience includes the original DotA and Heroes of Newerth, it’s a real treat.

The most recent patch introduced three new characters: Jin She, Nikolai and Gokong, bringing the roster up to 23 diverse and complex characters to master.

The fiery Jin She is a short-range caster specializing in dealing sustained area-of-effect damage, with the capacity to surprise and execute enemies with ease. She boasts a pair of flaming whips, and is able to use them to rapidly get into place and set giant areas ablaze.

Stocky Nikolai smashes, throws, and generally puts the hurt on enemies in a brilliant, brutal fashion. Fiercely proud of his homeland with a serious temper, he is an excellent — if somewhat slow — bruiser. He specializes in single-target annihilation.

Gokong is an elusive and quick-footed melee character with a disruptive and high-mobility skillset. His ultimate lets him bounce around the battle unimpeded like some kind of deranged, fist-fighting Hoppity Hop.