D4 is ‘Never’ Coming to PS4

Those waiting for a PS4 port of Access Games’ D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die are out of luck. Game Director Hidetaka Suehiro, known as Swery on Twitter, poured cold water over the possibility of a port to Sony’s console when asked on Twitter.

Suehiro reiterated that the game is exclusive to Microsoft, just like when it was announced on Microsoft’s stage at E3 2013. Microsoft is the game’s publisher, though it’s unknown if they are the IP owner. While the game won’t ever be ported to PS4, Suehiro wouldn’t rule out a possible PC port:

D4 is the latest release from Access Games and launched on Xbox One on September 18. Hopefully we’ll see a PC port after all the episodes are released. Read our D4 review by clicking these words.