Fan-Made 2D Version Of Zelda: OoT In The Works

A group of Zelda fans are currently in the process of making a 2D version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the PC, under the tentative and straight-forward title OoT 2D. Borrowing heavily from the graphical interface of A Link to the Past and some of the GameBoy Advance titles, this fan-made game will have an engine otherwise designed from the ground up. An original soundtrack, influenced by the original game, along with some brand new enemy sprites promise for an interesting experience.

Obviously the complete conversion of an elaborate 3D adventure game like OoT is not an easy endeavor. The development team, now currently at 10% completion, has an arduous adventure ahead of them. Regardless, let’s wish them luck as the current release (version v.10.2) looks pretty promising.

Check out the trailer below: