PlayStation Vita Themes Arrive Tomorrow

Let’s all rejoice, as the days of bland handheld backgrounds are over. Sony has officially announced that Vita Update 3.30 will arrive tomorrow, bringing with it a number of exciting customization features.

Players will be able to change the backgrounds of their Home and Lock Screens, allowing them to insert some much-needed flair into the Vita’s UI. Icon customization will be available as well, though it remains to be seen just how deep this new feature will go. Perhaps most excitingly, Vita owners will have the potential to change their system’s Home Screen background music. It’s unclear whether any audio file can be used for this, but if your entire existence is haunted by the dreadful bleeps and bloops of the current setup, relief is on the way.

A number of themes based on popular Vita titles will hit the handheld’s digital storefront tomorrow, as well. Games like TearawayUncharted: Golden Abyss, and the highly-anticipated (and highly-awesome) Freedom Wars will be the basis of purchasable visual upgrades. If you’re not a fan of any of the available title-based themes, non-game themes will also be available for purchase.  Sony released a number of screenshots illustrating the effects that Update 3.30 will have, so take a look-see: