The Evil Within is Getting Some Sweet PS4 Bundles in Japan

The Japanese are always the luckiest when it comes to sweet console bundles. Sony has already released custom Destiny, The Last of Us Remastered, and Frozen bundles, and are set to launch a Dragon Quest bundle later next year. It turns out The Evil Within is getting similar treatment.

The Evil Within PS4 Bundles Japan

The Evil Within, known as Psycho Break in Japan, is getting Jet Black and Glacier White bundles. Both are custom engraved with the game’s mansion, the “Goamodo” DLC, a steelbook, and the soundtrack on CD. Famitsu reports that the console bundles will launch October 23, the same day as the game in Japan. The Evil Within launches in North America on October 14, a whole week ahead of the Japanese launch.

It is unlikely that either bundle will make it to western shores, as Sony has a tendency to keep the really cool PS4 units exclusive to Japan, despite fan demand.