Crazy Taxi: City Rush Hulkamania Takeover Trailer Released

Yesterday, the Hulkamania Takeover went live for Crazy Taxi: City Rush. Today, we get a trailer for it with Hulk Hogan himself cutting a promo about it. It seems like the Hulkamania Takeover portion of things will only be around for one month based on the promo, which is kind of sad. I guess all good things have to come to an end though. More of the customization items were shown off, including a title belt you can place on the back of your taxi and custom Hogan paint jobs as well.

It seems like you can play as either classic yellow and red trunks Hogan, ’02 and beyond red and yellow tie-dye Hogan, and even Hollywood Hogan with a black and white Hulkamania shirt to evoke the NWO moniker, but not use it since WWE owns the trademark – although they have let third parties use it before, like with Masahiro Chono’s Aristrist clothing line getting a variety of NWO logo shirts. If you’d like to check out Hulk Hogan’s takeover of Crazy Taxi: City Rush, give it a download now on the Google Play or iTunes storefronts now.