Latest Dying Light Trailer Shows Off Some Tasty Zombie Gameplay

The gaming community’s zombie bloodlust is seemingly endless. No matter how many games allow us to do bad things to zombies; be it shoot, stab, chop, set fire to, or attack with horticulture, there always seems to be a market for more of these slaughter fests.

What is considerably rarer, however, are games in which you actually play as the zombies themselves (probably because the “press x to slowly decay” minigame never quite caught on with the focus groups). The upcoming shooter Dying Light looks to remedy this shortage in its Be the Zombie mode.

A new trailer for the game shows off the mode in action, and gameplay looks fairly reminiscent of the zombie-stalking many of us are intimately familiar with from the Left 4 Dead series. In the video below, we see some poor human stalked by a zombie before being pounced on from afar with a move that the hunter from Left 4 Dead might try to hit with a trademark infringement suit. This zombie does have some other moves to showcase too, including what looks like some Spiderman web-slinging and the ability to upgrade attacks.

Dying Light has an anticipated released date of January 27, 2015. Feast on the trailer for now: