Pier Solar HD Coming to Vita

Pier Solar was an incredible homebrew Sega Genesis game when it launched in 2010. Because many gamers no longer had a Genesis or Mega Drive to play on, developer WaterMelon successfully Kickstarted an updated release for PC and consoles. Pier Solar and the Great Architects launched this week on PS3, PS4, Ouya, and PC — but it doesn’t stop there.

A post on WaterMelon’s Facebook group shows two PS Vita development kits in the office. Accompanying the post was this simple description: “Pier Solar. PS Vita. Cross buy. Coming soon.” That’s basically all excited fans need to hear, after all. Pier Solar and the Great Architects will “soon” be available on every contemporary Sony platforms and offer Cross Buy functionality.

If you’ve already purchased the RPG on PS4 or PS3, then you’re all set to nab a Vita copy in the near future.