Sekai Project Wants Your Help to Bring Another Visual Novel to Steam

Sekai Project, the publisher of a startling amount of recent visual novel releases on Steam, have done very well with Kickstarter. After having crafted multiple successful campaigns, they’re looking to do so again with a game by the name of WAS – Lepidoptera no Sunadokey.

What do they need to bring this oddly-titled game to the West? A big portion of fees will be applied to license the high-profile voice actors. Of course, translations aren’t cheap either. Sekai Project has proposed a $15 fee for a Steam key reward tier, as well as a few other digital-only ones. All of this information is available via WAS’s Prefundia page.

So, what’s Prefundia all about? It’s a way to preview a campaign and offer suggestions before it goes live. If there are rewards, stretch goals, or other things you’d love to see in their upcoming Kickstarter now is the time to tell them! There’s no guarantee they’ll use your suggestions, but the fact that Sekai Project is soliciting them to begin with is unique for the crowdfunding space.