Styx Skulks Stealthily in the Shadows in Assassin’s Green 2 Trailer

In just a few short days on October 7, Styx: Master of Shadows will release on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.  Today, Cyanide Studios decided to poke a little fun at another game that blends stealth exploration and assassination with the release of its Assassin’s Green 2 trailer just days before the game launches.

This is the fifth gameplay video for the title, and it takes a look at dynamics and flow of Styx’ ascent, having discovered clones, tactics, skills, and styles along the way.  Using all of these tools to his advantage, Styx can poison guards, blind them with his clones, and reach his objectives sight unseen.

The infiltration game combines stealth, exploration, and assassination with many opportunities to subdue your enemies using environmental attacks or simply sneak by them unnoticed.  Styx is a 200 year old goblin, and being so small, he takes advantage of his nimble frame and athleticism.  This allows him to climb vast heights and easily traverse his environment in relative silence, speed, and agility.  While all that is great, he is not without his weaknesses, as he is also small, weak, and at constant risk of being surrounded should he knock over a vase, or land noisily.  Noise WILL attract the attention of the guards, and that doesn’t work out well for Styx.

With release just past the weekend now, how will you infiltrate The Tower of Akenash?  Check out the Assassin’s Green 2 trailer below.