Update on Legena: Union Tides Development

Grandpa Pixel, the developer behind Legena: Union Tides, has provided an update on their recent doings as well as the current state of development. And apparently, things are shaping up quite nicely. Along with Legena: Union Tides’ visual upgrade, some new stretch goals have been added to the Kickstarter campaign. If things go Grandpa’s way (ha ha), we could end up seeing the game on Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS, and Sony consoles.

This is what Jeremy Bare, the founder of Grandpa Pixel, had to say about the game and its recent developments (the visual changes in particular).

“When we started Legena’s design we decided to find a style that matched what we were trying to achieve. We have tried multiple styles including 32-Bit and Shape but we decided that we would go for ’16-Bit without outlines’ as it allowed us to bring beautiful sprites while giving a comic-book art style feel to the world. We did change the style to ’16-Bit with outlines’ as the graphics evolved, which really made a difference.”

Legena: Union Tides is set to release in August, 2015. Be sure to read our hands-on preview of an earlier build of the title.