New Shovel Knight World Record Speedrun Is A Thing Of Beauty

Shovel Knight is an excellent indie platformer that you should probably check out if you haven’t already. It has an absolutely perfect level of challenge that tests your skills without ever really becoming frustrating. It is also a perfect sort of game to speedrun, and dedicated speedrunners have been trying to one-up one another since the game came out.

Earlier this week, the previous record was broken once again as BustahWuff (most likely not his real name) set a new time of 48:35. It was a no set percentage run, so it essentially just shows him getting from the start of the game to the end. What is great about this run, however, is that unlike most speedruns that make the news for hitting absurdly low times, it does not rely on glitches, cheats, or secret areas. It just shows a guy being really, really good at a video game — a rarity in these changing times.

Check out the spreedrun below, which should hopefully convince you to download the game if you’ve been slacking.