Newest Sonic Boom Trailer Shows Off Both Wii U and 3DS Games

Sonic fans have been getting all sorts of news these past 24 hours. First came the Sonic Boom TV trailer which showed off Dr. Robotnik’s surprise gastric bypass surgery (seriously, that guy is in the best shape of his video game life). Shortly thereafter, we’re treated to a brand new trailer that melds footage from both the Wii U and 3DS versions of the game.

That’s the trailer right here, below these words, swapping between cutscenes and gameplay and showcasing both titles like a digital turnstile. There really isn’t too much here we haven’t seen before, but it is nice to get a quick comparison between both games. Oh, and Metal Sonic makes a quick appearance, which should be good for people previously on the fence about the game that really prefer their animals in more solid casings.

Both games will have a November 11 release.