Bugbear’s ‘Next Car Game’ Finally Gets Official Title: Wreckfest

Next Car Game” was a bad title for a fun physics-based racing game in development by Bugbear Entertainment, a company you may know from their demolition-derby style series FlatOut. Finally, that moniker has gone by the wayside, and in comes a much better name for the game: Wreckfest.

Bugbear chose the name Wreckfest simply for the terminlogy. “Wreck fest” is a reference to a chain collision of cars in high speed racing. As this action is pretty much at the core of the game (the madness of colliding cars at breakneck speeds), a term describing the glory of tearing metal is nothing if not apt.

Wreckfest can be considered a spiritual successor to the FlatOut series as it’s something of a hybrid between FlatOut, Destruction Derby, and the 1989 PC racer Street Rod.  One of the most notable features of the game engine is the use of soft-body damage modelling, which enables location-based damage that affects the driving dynamics of vehicles in a realistic fashion.

Alongside the name change, as the game is still in the early-access stages, it has also come with an update, which adds 18-player multiplayer to the mix. Players can now challenge their friends to share what Bugbear dubs, “the most visceral demolition racing mayhem in existence.” With four different game modes currently at play: Racing, Derby, and the new Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, Wreckfest’s blend of pure driving with the twisted metal of destroyed cars leads to great fun when punishing friends and foes alike.

In addition to the expanded multiplayer, the newest release also introduces a new European coupe. Boasted as “a beast difficult to master but a real contender on both racing and derby matches.” The developers have also added a new two-for-one track, Speedway, letting the players enjoy both the oval circuit and the figure 8 track within. With Speedway, there are ten different racing tracks and five cars to select from, with more on the way as development progresses.

Wreckfest is available on Steam Early Access and wreckfestgame.com