Is The Evil Within Locked at 30fps on PC?

It’s October which means that it’s time for an onslaught of survival horror games to be unleashed onto the market. The biggest two are certainly Alien Isolation and The Evil Within, and with the former released today, all eyes are turning on The Evil Within which is set to release on October 14. Bethesda came out a while back and confirmed that the game would run at 30fps on consoles, so there hasn’t been much controversy there. What version is being debated, however, is the PC version which should ideally better than the Xbox One/PS4 versions.

Since the game was first announced, a question that has been commonly positioned towards publisher Bethesda and developer Tango Gameworks is what the framerate will be locked at for the PC edition. Unfortunately, it’s a question that’s been dodged or straight up ignored. When Bethesda Senior Producer Jason Bergman was asked back in July whether or not the game was locked to 30fps, Bergman stated to ask him closer to launch. When he was again asked just over a month ago, he replied he was “Not sure he understood the question” before answering “We haven’t released specs or anything yet. Stay tuned.” and declining to answer further questioning. Bergman hasn’t touched on the subject since.

More still, the question has popped up quite frequently on the official Bethesda The Evil Within forums as well. Members have asked multiple times in threads started by Bethesda administrators and have been ignored.

As the game is gold and only eight mere days away from release, the silence has become troublesome. With the official PC requirements having just been released, it would have seemed like the perfect time to give an answer on the framerate. While it’s possible that Bethesda simply haven’t gotten around to making a definitive statement, the fact that they have failed to do so so close to release with many perfect opportunities make us worried that the game is indeed locked at 30fps and they’re simply trying to avoid any controversy.