Mighty No. 9 Backers Must Choose Between Japanese or English Voice Acting

comcept recently revealed their intention to add both a Japanese and English voice track to Mighty No. 9 that ideally gamers in both regions would be able to swap between. To accomplish this, an extra $200,000 needed to be raised. Unfortunately, only $2o,000 was raised, but because voice acting is a must, additional funds were diverted into the field to make for a grand total of $100,000. This means that the game will have voice acting, but only for one language.

To decide on which language it will be, all backers are being sent a survey starting today that they can use to vote on their preference. While comcept is assuming that English will be chosen, there’s been a strong faction of fans pushing for Japanese audio with subtitles. So make sure to cast your vote now to avoid disappointment later.