New Trailer Attempts to Answer the Age-Old Question: ‘What is Project Spark?’

In case you weren’t aware (and you probably weren’t given the paltry marketing efforts), Project Spark releases tomorrow. First announced at E3 2013 and taking up a sizable amount of real estate at the Microsoft booth, it seemed Project Spark could be a major first-party release for the Xbox One. Since then, however, the promotion has geared substantially down and its release sees it debut during a jam-packed month and on the same day as potential big sellers in Alien Isolation, Driveclub and NBA 2k15. Honestly, even after playing it, we’re not quite sure what the game is — and that seems to be a common sentiment as evidenced by Microsoft’s release of a video titled “What is Project Spark” today.

The two minute video aims to answer the question. And fails; but hey it was worth a shot! Instead of giving a detailed explanation of what to expect from the title, the video is simply full of various media quotes. About the only thing that can be gathered is that is that it’s a creation tool, but we’ve always known that. Alas, it’s more of a launch trailer, but maybe you can decipher something out of it below: