Vib Ribbon Officially Set for North American Launch Tomorrow

Vib Ribbon is one of those games from the PlayStation 1 era that many still adore. The oddball rhythm runner had a neat vector art style along, cute mascot, and unique level generation mechanic. Although the game came with a few tracks, it could create many more when players inserted a music CD. Unfortunately, Vib Ribbon only ever saw release in Japan and Europe.

That finally changes with tomorrow’s PlayStation Store update. North American gamers will soon be able to take Vib Ribbon for a spin on PS3 or Vita. No promises have been made for a PS4 version as no PSOne Classics currently work on it.

If you want to experience the game as “pure” as possible then PS3 is the version to get. It retains the ability to throw music CDs into the system to create new stages. Of course, this isn’t technologically feasible with the Vita version.