Wrestling Revolution 3D Released on the OUYA

It was known via Facebook that Wrestling Revolution 3D would be hitting the OUYA at some point this week, but there’s basically no better day to release the game than on Monday.

MDickie has been releasing wrestling games on his own for over a decade on PC, but has transitioned to mobile and Android development recently. His games have been released on the OUYA before, but this is his first fully 3D game. It has pro wrestling as well as MMA ala the Fire Pro Wrestling series and Virtual Pro Wrestling 2. Like those games, you also get a roster full of people inspired by real-world talent. This game features a wide variety of ring types, including the first six-sided ring since the AAA release, and for the first time ever in video game history, you can have a two-ring setup for a match, a la WCW’s War Games.

Wrestling Revolution 3D isn’t quite finished — and MDickie is up-front with that on both the storefront page and in the game itself. If you’ve got a love for wrestling and are open to trying something without the WWE license, give this a shot.