2014 Was Crippled By Hype – Is 2015 Next?

2014 has been a pretty underwhelming year for gamers. While we’ve gotten some enjoyable titles in Bravely Default and Super Time Force Ultra, the AAA market has floundered this year, delivering us games that, while not outright disasters, have done very little to live up to the hype surrounding them. But fear not! With some of this year’s most anticipated titles delayed for the sake of improvement, 2015 will surely deliver us from these early-gen doldrums…or will it? Could the anticipation-packed 2015 actually be another victim of hype in the making?


The year following any major console launch is usually a little lackluster. Each member of the “big three” came into the year touting a “next-gen experience”: Ubisoft with Watch Dogs, EA with Titanfall, and Activision with Destiny. As the marketing maelstrom started brewing, the weight of each game’s hype became untenable. Were the games bad? No, but there was no way that they would reach the lofty expectations set by the marketing blitz that surrounded them, and the chances that any of them would define this generation were slim at best.

As these behemoths collapsed in on themselves, the shockwaves pushed other big titles into 2015. AAA projects like Batman: Arkham Knight, Evolve, The Order: 1886, Tom Clancy’s The Division, and Dying Light all suffered delays, missing the 2014 holiday season. We have some games left to look forward too, but so many of them are cross-generational that it feels like we’re not getting the “next gen” Christmas we were promised.


But with all these delays, 2015 sounds like it’ll be the light at the end of the tunnel. After a tedious drought of a year, 2015 is packed with huge releases that are sure to blow our minds and set the bar for next-gen gaming…

This is starting to sound awfully familiar.

Next year has a lot of big games lined up for release, but already we’re seeing hype build to the levels that made 2014 such a letdown. Expectations for these titles only grow bigger and bigger with every delay. With so many games being shoved into 2015, it’s set to be a great year, but we’re setting ourselves up for the same disappointment that dogged the PS4 and Xbox One launches. Ubisoft, EA and Activision let us down, but we convinced ourselves that those promises would be fulfilled soon. We could very well be right, but we’d be wise to be a little more cautious.

The Order 1886

The Order: 1886 could be the flagship PS4 exclusive, Evolve could redefine multiplayer as we know it, and The Division could push the new generation of hardware to new levels. The industry might make good on their promises, but with every delay and and every new bit of marketing spiel they build themselves up to an increasingly precarious position. There’s so much to be excited for in next year’s lineup that it’s silly to expect it all to be delivered without a hitch.