Driveclub PS+ Edition Delayed?

When people think “Driveclub,” probably the first thing to pop in their head is “that free game.” After all, it was touted as having a free version available from the moment it was released, and even though in reality it’s a $59.99 full release, many still associate it with that unique angle. As it has finally been released today, many are hoping to take it for a spin without committing to the full version. Oddly, enough, however Sony has been silent about the PlayStation Plus edition.

In the recently posted PlayStation Store Update, only the full game was included in the listing of games coming to the service today. This is quite odd considering that these posts are quite in-depth and seem to include every possible deal or update besides the free version of Driveclub.

More still, as the PlayStation Store itself has been updated without it, it seems possible the PS+ edition has been delayed. Hopefully it will be released at a later point today, but for now, it’s up in the air.

We’ll follow the story and update with any new information. In the meantime, read our review here.

[UPDATE 10/8 12:13 AM PST] The PS+ Edition has indeed slipped from releasing the same day as the full version of Driveclub. For more on the story, head here.

[UPDATE 10/8 1:45 PM PST] Sony has issued a statement explaining the delay.