Myst Returns as a TV Series

I remember being… I don’t know, not as old and hairy as I am now, rushing through a game shop in search of the holy grail of all things PlayStation: games with multiple discs. My logic was: bigger box = better game, and Between the Final Fantasy titles many kids wouldn’t have otherwise considered and Myst, the point-and-click adventure that revolutionized the genre as we know it, there was certainly some validity to that kiddy logic.

After many years, multiple sequels and upgrades later, Myst is making a comeback… as a TV series, by creator Robyn Miller and┬áBruce Rosenblum of Legendary Entertainment (Godzilla).

Little else is known (including whether or not the show will be exclusively digital), other than that the series will have a game tie-in, presumably of the Myst variety, as well as a separate tablet release. According to Variety, the series’ plot will intertwine with the games.

Are you excited to explore another mysterious island?