Amazon Releases Fire TV Bundle For $124

If you’ve been on the fence about Amazon’s Fire TV, then Amazon’s got a new bundle to entice you. When it launched, the system was $100 with a controller costing $40 separately, coupled with a code for the $7 Sev Zero.

Thankfully, things have changed. You can get the system, an HDMI cable, a controller, Sev Zero, and the HD remaster of Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse for $124. Castle of Illusion┬ánormally runs $10 on the Amazon appstore, so the bundled games now total $17, the HDMI cable would run you about $8, and the controller still costs $40 — so you’re saving a good $20-$30 by purchasing the bundle instead of getting each component seperately. At launch, the Fire TV had a bit of an identity crisis, as Amazon marketed the gaming aspects of device, but didn’t really make it all that gaming-friendly.

Now, they’ve got a setup just for those who want to utilize its media streaming capabilities with the base $100 unit, and those interested in its gaming options can pick up the bundle that puts a clear emphasis on the gaming aspects of Fire TV.