Battle Chef Brigade Boils Over, Crushes Kickstarter Goal

In most RPGs, cooking is an afterthought, typically relegated to crafting menus. World of WarCraft, Star Ocean and others like to use it as a supplementary buff system, but it can be overlooked in the majority of cases. Seasoned indie developers Trinket Studios saw this as a great injustice, and created a game to hit the proverbial spot.

Battle Chef Brigade’s Kickstarter has over 2,000 backers and has already exceeded its funding goal by 50%. One part side-scrolling Monster Hunter, one part Iron Chef, a heaping helping of Studio Ghibli aesthetic, a dash of sorcery and 5 playable characters with more in development and you have Battle Chef Brigade. Players must compete in a culinary tournament as their selected character, using their palate and abilities to concoct esoteric entrees. In their downtime, they must hunt for animals to serve up later.

Visually beautiful and with exquisite sound design and a symphonic, inspiring soundtrack, Battle Chef Brigade is full of promise. Its set to release on PC, Mac and Linux in April 2016, with Wii U, PS4, 3DS and Vita plans for the future.