Driveclub PS+ Edition Delay Officially Explained

Tuesday’s PlayStation Store update should have been a huge one thanks to the launch of Driveclub PS+ Edition. This title was delayed after the PlayStation 4 launch and was expected to be released alongside the full-game, which received a $10 discount for PS+ users. However, it wasn’t released and Sony remained silent as to why..

Earlier this morning, the official Driveclub Facebook┬ápage posted an important status update. In the post, it’s stated that the servers are being pushed to their limit and that the dev-team has opted to hold back the PS+ Edition (as well as the My Driveclub app) in order to prevent the servers from being overloaded. Once this problem is solved, people will be able to not only get the PS+ Edition, but upgrade to the full version if they so desire. While the delay of the PS+ version is a massive letdown, at least an explanation was provided.

With the game receiving some major criticism already, it seems like many will hold off on buying the game until they’re sure they’ll enjoy it via the PS+ Edition. There’s no word on when the game will be online, but we’ll certainly keep you updated.