Driveclub PS+ Edition Misses Release Date

Earlier today we speculated that the PS+ Edition Driveclub may have missed its release due to the fact that the PlayStation Store was updated without the free version of the game. Now that it’s struck midnight on the west coast, Driveclub PS+ Edition has indeed officially missed releasing the same day as the full version.

Sony has remained silent on why the game has not been released. Some have speculated that it’s because of ongoing multiplayer server issues throughout the day and they wanted to avoid an influx of players until they fixed it.

We’ll continue following the story and report any updates.

Check out screenshots of both Driveclub listings below:




  • Guest

    Of course, $0N¥ (no dollars, no yen) PoS NOTwork.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Lionheart still spamming because he has no games to play.

  • ManuBiggs

    Folks, release date for the PS Plus edition is 8th, it was announced as the 8th …there has been no announcement to suggest it wont be the 8th, looking at my calendar today is still the 8th …… see where I’m going with this

    • Rob

      Maybe in Europe. But in the states it was announced as the 7th. It is no longer the is the 8th, yesterday was the 7th.. See where I’m going with this? 🙂

      • born_naughty

        Wait… what? You lost me after “Maybe”.

        • sampson3121

          NA 7TH, EU 8YH, OK 10TH

    • 3m0SceneStabr

      it’s the 8th right now…….

  • Tempest

    it was supposed to be out the 8th for EU, but the 7th in the US, it has since missed it’s launch date in the US.

  • Scott

    I’m a big fan of sony this generation, but this will piss me off to no end if this don’t happen today.

  • Jan Compaf

    They delayed it to remove some more content to sell it as addon.

    • reallydude?


      • Jan Compaf

        o rly?