Familiar-Feeling Surrealism In Ex-Bioshock Devs’ The Black Glove On Kickstarter

Day For Night Games, with members from the Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite team, have released The Black Glove on Kickstarter in one of the biggest campaigns so far this year. A surrealist adventure that takes place in The Equinox, a performance hall stricken with space-time anomalies and impossible realities.

Players embody the Curator, tasked with bringing The Equinox back to its former glory. By winning retro arcade games through talent and luck, you gain access to the eponymous Black Glove, an artifact which allows you to manipulate the past of the artists in residence. By altering the preferred medium, conveyed message and inspiration of artist Marisol, filmmaker Avery Arnault and musicians Many Embers, you will impact their present creative works — as well as the success of your venture.

Those familiar with the Bioshock series will find some touches of Rapture and Infinite within the theater’s walls, with environments looking like a much-polished version of the former and a slightly darker version of the latter. The revealed characters seem alive and vibrant, intricate, deep and period-appropriate. Currently only 11% funded, the team has to raise an additional $480,000 to make the game as great as it can possibly be.

20$ nets you a downloadable copy when it releases in October 2015, so click these words to check it out.