Leaked Super Smash. Bros 3DS Audio Hints at 8-Player Mode

Super Smash Bros. 3DS turned out to be a surprisingly great game given its handheld restraints. Up to four players could duke it out if enough of them had 3DS units, but while that’s great and everything, it’s not really a party until eight people show up. The complete audio files for the game have been recently dumped online and a few interesting discoveries have been found, the most juicy of which is the voice of the announcer stating “8 Player Smash.”

Also released were clips of the announcer stating the following:

Boss Battle
Yellow Team
Event Match
Grab the Coins
Special Smash
The Champion Is…
Choose a Mii

It’s unclear whether or not these were possible modes that were scrapped before final release or if they signal upcoming content for the game.

Check out a video that compiles all the above audio files below: