Team Indie Now Available – Get 10% Off Until October 15

Team Indie has just been released, and our own Marcus Estrada was able to spend some time with the game, so check out his review.

Team Indie brings together a wide variety of indie gaming characters from titles like Braid and Dustforce to complete co-op challenges and progress through the adventure. If you’re more a fan of CommanderVideo from the BIT.TRIP games, then it’s a good thing he’s included too. Knytt Underground‘s Mi, and Tiny from Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers are playable as well.

The game gives you 50 levels to choose from, with three boss battles spread throughout the adventure. If you like puzzle-platformers, and the issues mentioned in the review don’t worry you, then give it a shot. From its launch day on October 8, 2014 until October 15, you can get it for 10% off on Steam. This takes the price from $13 down to $11.69.