New Captain Toad Trailer Reveals Playable Toadette

If there’s one game we simply can’t wait to cuddle up with a blanket and enjoy, it’s Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. The Wii U exclusive game is due to launch in North America on December 5, and judging by some extended gameplay footage shown off in a new trailer released today, it looks like the perfect title for those cold winter months.

The trailer debuts several new levels, enemies, and power-ups, and it doesn’t take long before you begin to notice that Captain Toad has much more in common with Super Mario 3D World than colorful visuals. Train and racetrack levels, along with the awesome double cherry power-up, make triumphant returns in Captain Toad, and there’s sure to be all sorts of delectable surprises hidden throughout the game’s 70 levels.

Better still, the trailer revealed that player’s will be also able to track treasure as Toadette, rounding out what is shaping up to be quite the robust little game. Nintendo continues to pull trick after trick from their illustrious sleeve with Captain Toad and, frankly, December 4 can’t come fast enough.

Check out the trailer below: