Ryse: Son of Rome Face-Off: PC vs Xbox One

Ryse: Son of Rome will be available tomorrow, but those wanting to see how it looks today should not only read our review, but check out these PC and Xbox One comparison shots. It should be noted that all of these images were taken from in-game footage (none from the rendered cutscenes), and while some are not exact replications, we tried to line up each shot to the best of our ability. The PC version is rendered at 2560×1440 with everything maxed out, with the exception of Motion Blur and Supersampling. Unfortunately, the Xbox One shots are 1280×720 in resolution when the game runs natively at 900p, so keep that in mind when looking between the two.

In any case, the difference seems to be minimal with the frame rate and resolution being the only factors. If you want to see an additional seven shots, be sure to go back to our initial comparison while we were playing the preview build. If you couldn’t tell, the PC version is on the left and the Xbox One version is on the right.