Wargaming Adds a Little Fury to World of Tanks

Wargaming, World of Tanks publisher extraordinaire, made a nifty announcement today: the Sherman tank from Fury, the upcoming World War II film starring Brad Pitt and Shia “I’m Not Famous” LeBeouf, will be available by way of an in-game bundle on October 9 through October 29, 2014.

The bundle packs will feature a Fury-branded M4 Sherman Tank commanded by none other than Wardaddy, Brad Pitts character in the film. Erik Whiteford, Director of Marketing at Wargaming believes that “with Wargaming’s intense dedication to historical and technical accuracy,” it’s only natural to combine World of Tanks with Fury, “the most realistic cinematic portrayal of tank combat to date.” Additionally, new missions and items will help put players in the center of the explosive, cinematic action of the film.

The company is collaborating with Sony Pictures to bring as authentic an experience as possible to the game. “We are excited to collaborate with Wargaming in bringing the FURY tank to their highly engaged audience of tank enthusiasts,” said Vice President of Consumer Products at Sony Pictures, Mark Caplan. “Fury provides an intense movie going experience, and World of Tanks will serve as the perfect game extension in the digital space.”

The Fury bundle launches on PC, Xbox 360 and for World of Tanks Blitz (iOS).