Fable Legends Multiplayer Beta Incoming

Fable Legends is a bit of an oddity. A beautiful oddity; one that we’re quite excited for, but an oddity all the same. It’s the first game in the beloved series that is multiplayer-focused, and also appears to emphasize gameplay over story by a wide margin. While the Fable franchise has always been about sound gameplay, there has always been a rich lore and storytelling element to it, allowing folks to mold their hero in any which way through morality-based choices. Much of those ingredients are not front and center in Legends, though. While the developers have assured us that those aspects are indeed in the game, Legends emphasizes a multiplayer experience that rivals that of a more traditional D&D tabletop session.

Nevertheless, Microsoft have been pretty tight-lipped on the game, really only talking about its release window in generalities. Today, however, we finally have something to go off of, as it was announced that the game’s multiplayer beta will kick off on Oct 16. That’s next Thursday! The beta will be of the closed kind, so signing up will be the only way to get in. To do so, head on over to Fable Legends’ website to throw your name in the proverbial hat.