Massive PvE Space MMO Ascent Seeks Funding

If you’ve ever played EVE Online, you’re probably brutally aware that the entire game focuses around control of a precious resource and lucrative player-versus-player action. It’s also relatively complex and can seem unapproachable to the layperson. The minds over at Fluffy Kitten Studio saw this as a problem, and aim to solve it with their ambitious and gigantic game, Ascent.

The two man team is working on taking the already (mostly) fully-functional game, its 270 BILLION star systems and handful of players to the next level. Players control their ships in first person, explore a procedurally-generated universe populated by everything from player-colonized planets to black holes and establish their presence in the unforgiving void.

Ascent focuses on player-versus-environment (PvE) interaction, with players given the control to bend terrain at their will, found colonies with interactable NPCs, mine asteroids or dogfight versus challenging AI. The game aims to be an accessible, deep space MMO, and additional funding will go towards improving the UI and graphics.

As little as 5$ AUD nets you two months premium access, and double that gets you half a year on the Kickstarter.