Ubisoft Refutes Assassin’s Creed: Unity Resolution Downgrade

It’s hard to believe how much controversy one horrible comment can bring about, but that’s exactly what happened to Ubisoft when earlier this week Senior Producer Vincent Pontbriand said Assassin’s Creed: Unity would be capped at 900p to “avoid all the debates and stuff.” The ‘debates and stuff’ is in regards to the fact that many third-party games run 1080p on PS4, and less so on Xbox One. Fans of the franchise have jumped on those remarks as evidence that the PS4 version was being purposefully downgraded to ensure parity between the two consoles. In the time since, Ubisoft released an official statement claiming that the resolution isn’t locked down, but that has done little to sway angry gamers.

#PS4noparity is a real thing, and it’s trending. Fans, particularly PS4 owners, feel cheated over getting a ‘downgraded’ version so that Ubisoft can, “avoid all the debates and stuff.” Pontbriand, the same Senior Producer who made the initial inflammatory remarks, has taken to the Ubisoft Blog to attempt to refute the idea that the game has been downgraded.

“We’ve spent four years building the best game we could imagine. Why would we ever do anything to hold it back? I simply chose the wrong words when talking about the game’s resolution, and for that I’m sorry.”

Pontbriand points to the thousands of NPCs on screen, the fact that Paris will be the largest location ever used in an Assassin’s Creed game, and the sheer number of pixels being pushed to make the game as beautiful as possible as reasons for the resolutions 900p cap.

“We know a lot of gamers consider 1080p with 60 frames per second to be the gold standard, especially on the new generation of consoles,” Pontbriand says. “We realize we had also pushed for 1080p in some of our previous games, including AC4. But we made the right decision to focus our resources on delivering the best gameplay experience, and resolution is just one factor. There is a real cost to all those NPCs, to all the details in the city, to all the systems working together, and to the seamless co-op gameplay. We wanted to be absolutely uncompromising when it comes to the overall gameplay experience. Those additional pixels could only come at a cost to the gameplay.”

The statement, looking to quell an angry public, has not found much success. #PS4noparity saw a resurgence following Pontbriand’s comments, with many fans ridiculing the content of his post. Suffice it to say, this isn’t going away anytime soon, and anything Ubisoft says is only adding more kindling to the fire.