Driveclub’s Online Woes To Continue For At Least A Little While Longer

Driveclub’s debut has been a bit of a bumpy ride so far (because cars, get it!?).

Ahem. Terrible jokes aside, what was anticipated to be PS4’s biggest and best exclusive has been a bit of letdown to say the least. Critic reviews of the game (including our very own) have been decidedly lukewarm, and players have been hit by a steady stream of online issues in addition to server trouble. Topping things off, the PlayStation Plus version of the game has been delayed, meaning the only way you could access the game was by paying for it and then sitting around hoping the servers finally work for you.

We reported that server diagnostics were in the works yesterday, which is good news, bringing the company one step closer to actually getting the game online and working for everyone. What isn’t good, however, is the subsequent post made on Driveclub’s Facebook page that indicated that, for the time being, some online features would be disabled.

A recent sever update increased the total number of players that could be online (which is good), but did so at the expense of removing some of the game’s features (which is bad). These features will be added back as progress is made (which is good), but the post gave no estimated timeframe for when we should expect these features to be integrated back in (which is bad). I guess that’s what Evolution Studios get for trusting their games server maintenance to a company that primarily dabbles in forbidden objects from places men fear to tread.

We’ll continue updating you with information as it becomes available, but for now if you haven’t already splurged on Driveclub you might want to wait until Evolution Studios can get everything up and running again. And, even then, perhaps check out the free PlayStation Plus version first, as shoddy online capabilities are far from the game’s only problem.